Communication & Presentation Skills

Do road safety experts and road risk managers need communications skills? Look at these job adverts...

Senior Road Safety/Traffic Management Engineer: …needs good communication (oral/written) and customer service skills

Occupational Road Safety Program Manager: …needs to be an influencer capable of working effectively with senior leadership, a strong communicator

Principal Road Safety Engineer: Must share knowledge, support managers, mentor junior team members...

Road Safety Specialist: Must be Road Safety Campaign and Communications Expert…

Health and Safety Officer: You will communicate, consult and share best practice across all directorates…

So yes, above a certain level, you need communication skills. This means being effective and engaging when you talk - to anyone! When you update your workmates on a project, give instructions, deliver a presentation or even a speech at a conference, you want to be clear, persuasive and fascinating.

In the world we currently live in, you also need to be able to do all of this online, and avoid the common pitfalls that can mean your audience focus on your background, your clothes, your posture - in fact, anything but what you’re saying.

Improve the effectiveness of your online communication skills with these two ARRM courses:

OBJECTIVE: To improve participants’ presentational skills, to become more effective communicators, more engaging, watchable, compelling, convincing, credible, authoritative and persuasive – during remote video calls. Many skills learned are applicable to any presentation/communication.

How to present yourself remotely (basic level)

A 60 minute session for small groups between 2 to 5 participants covering

  • What you can learn from Broadcast Journalists: writing skills, performance
  • How to present yourself
  • Distracting looks and how/why to avoid them
  • How to sit down (yes, really!)
  • Video call background – do’s and don’ts – avoid the “hostage video” look
  • Lighting and webcam position
  • Sound
  • Guest or Host? Different requirements
  • The “3 ‘e’s”
  • Length Matters! Ideal length and structure of a presentation
  • Tell me a story: get personal

Non Members £49, Members £35

Communication & Presentation Skills (intermediate level)

A 90 minute one-to-one session, fully bespoke course tailored to the participant including practical sessions on:

  • Creating your pitch
  • Being interviewed
  • Interviewing others
  • Bringing your passion

Non Members £195, Members £150

Courses include:

  • Pre-course homework – video links to watch and analyse
  • 60 or 90 minute interactive session (using Zoom or MS Teams), hosted by Sarah Lockett
  • Digital files (MP4) of participant’s practical session(s) emailed to client after training
  • Assessment of participant(s) (good points, learning points, summary) emailed to client after training
  • “Tips and Techniques” PDF file emailed to participants after training

Your Trainer: Sarah Lockett

Sarah is a highly versatile news anchor and broadcast journalist and has presented many news, business, factual and news-magazine programmes. She has presented on Sky News, BBC News Channel, BBC London, Forces TV and others; plus reported for Channel Four News, 5 News, Reuters Business TV and more. She presents The Business Debate, as well as working for ITN Industry News, plus she anchored The Business Channel and The Local Government Channel for several years.

Sarah also delivers media training, hosts conferences, panel discussions, webinars, corporate events and quiz nights, plus presents/directs/produces videos – and she has written two books.


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